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 T.Otis Paul, MD
Lectures By
T.Otis Paul, MD

Strabismus Step-by-Step
Accommodative Esotropia
Inferior Oblique Surgical Technique
Alphabet Syndromes of Strabismus

Eso deviations,Esotropia

management of congenital esotropia

Management of Infantile esotropia

 Management of Accommodaive esotropia


Cyclic Esotropia

Divergence Insufficiency Esotropia

Moebius Syndrome


Cataract And Small Pupil Management Manual Techniques

Small Pupil And Cataract Management Techniques BOOK
ISBN: 9798201201784


Posterior Polar Cataract Management: My Approach | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! (books2read.com)

Posterior Polar Cataract

ISBN: 9798201084349

White Intumescent Cataract Management: My Approach

Whatie Intumescent Cataract Management Book

ISBN: 9798201376215


Download Free Trial Version Of SquintMaster Software


Salient Features Of SquintMaster Software

  • Suggests diagnosis and sub type of deviations
  • Important tool for patient counseling
  • Suggests surgical options
  • Creates simulated image of deviations
  • With help of squint simulator and calculator user can calculate surgical dose ( Amount of surgery)
  • AC /A Simulator And Calculator
  • A V Patterns Simulator And Calculator
  • Parks 3 Step Test
  • Knapp's Classification
  • Simulator for ductions,versions and grades of oblique muscles over action
  • Classification and management of Duane's Retraction Syndrome
  • Management of third nerve palsy
  • Management of forth nerve palsy
  • Management of sixth nerve palsy
  • Management of Browns Syndrome
  • Management of double elevator palsy














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